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[21 Dec 2025|11:14am]

[09 Oct 2025|04:32pm]
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Points in Canon [11 Sep 2025|01:33pm]
[info]freedomtownmod - her death
[info]ohanamods - her death (Her and Oliver have twins - Moria and Tommy)
[info]valar - her death

[30 Jul 2025|02:15pm]
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[24 May 2021|07:50pm]
Dinah Lance is the eldest daughter of Dinah and Quentin Lance and older sister to Sara Lance. As a child, her life was perfect, happy home, happy family, but in her teen years, things weren't so happy. Her parents were fighting all the time and when she turned to her best friends Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn for solace and they kept her out of the house as best as they could, which was all the time.

When she was sixteen, her parents divorced, her mother moved across the country to New York City. Dinah being mad at her mom for leaving never went to visit her, she focused on her life, fell in love with Oliver, decided to be a cop like her father. She finished high school, she got very serious with Oliver, she did a few years of college to get a degree in criminal justice and then entered the police academy.

She had just graduated, in the prime of her life, then everything with Oliver tumbled. She found out he had cheated on her. Laurel left, she just didn't know what to do, so she left. She ended up in New York with her mother, got a job as a beat cop and three years later at Tommy's death, she returned home for the funeral. While she was home, she reconnects with Oliver, they had a one night stand and then she returned back to New York, only to find out a month later, she was pregnant.

Game changer.

She didn't return home, she did tell Oliver. She was put on desk work till Olivia was born, then took leave. When she went back to work, she was still a beat cop and then worked her way to detective and about two years later, her father passed away. Laurel and Olivia traveled home and ended up staying, she moved into her childhood home with her daughter. She became a cop once again settling into life with being home with Olivia. Oliver and Laurel spent two years co-parenting without any major issues.

[19 Oct 2020|11:24am]
Laurel Lance
Black Canary
CANON POINT: "Eleven-Fifty-Nine" is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow before Infinite Earths rewrites
PB: Katie Cassidy
ALTERNATES: I'd like E2 Laurel in play, but no other versions of E1.

PERSONALITY: Growing up in a loving household, Laurel was a happy child, she loved her parents and her baby sister. She was always the good one, never getting in trouble, always wanting to helpful. When she became best friends with Oliver and Tommy, she was their moral compass out of the trio. Even though they rarely listened to her and con her into joining their schemes. Being the daughter of a cop and the older sister of a troublemakers as well, her father forced her to learn self defense to help defend her sister who always seemed to get into fights, Laurel became a little resentful of Sara.

Which is why she didn't think twice of starting her relationship of Oliver, even though she knew Sara had a crush. Oliver was the love of Laurel's life. She knew he was messing around, getting in trouble on purpose, it was all part of plan she had for them. Let him get that all out of his system and than settled down with her.

She thought he was ready when he agreed to move in with her after his trip with his dad, she was looking for places for them while he ran off with her sister. Laurel was just an angry person after Sara ran away with the love of her life. However, she focused all the rage into schooling and the law and made that her life when her parents divorced and her father started to drink, even becoming verbally abusive to her from time to time.

Laurel worked hard and fought hard to get what she wanted, she even got into one of the best firms in LA. However after an honest night Tommy, which led into a fight with her dad and Tommy. Laurel stayed in Starling City since she did want to be a lawyer to help people, not help the bad guys. Laurel started to live again, going out, working, falling for Tommy in her own way, loving again.

She is a great lawyer and lives to stand for the innocent and what is right despite the corruption in Starling City. She can be feisty and doesn't like to be told what to do, which makes her do the opposite. Laurel is attracted to troublemakers, just the kind of guy she falls for. But most likely stems from her childhood friendship with Oliver and Tommy. She's a risk taker like contacting Arrow and can't resist saving people from tough situations. She also has a softer side, can be a bit of a crier when she's emotional.

Laurel is also capable of forgiveness, which is prove with her feelings for Oliver though out the series. She also has a darker side, especially once Tommy was killed and Oliver left her. She turned to drinking and once she was kidnapped and nearly killed by the Doll Marker. Laurel became addicting to pills, anything to not make her feel the guilt she carried for Tommy's death.

Which lead to her lashing out at the return of her sister and toward Oliver as well. In her mind, she lost the one person who was there for her through everything and honestly it took losing her job, bring arrested, her hitting rock bottom for her to get her self back together.

A testament to how strong Laurel is, she quit cold turkey, went to AAA meeting, and took up boxing to release stress. Laurel got her job back and got her life back on track. She mended her relationship with everyone, especially Sara, they were closer than ever. Which is why when Sara died, she didn't turn to drugs or drinking, she decided to honor her sister by becoming the Black Canary. Though she went into the part recklessly, got her ass beat more than once, between her strong will, Grant lessons, and finally being train by Nyssa. Laurel did honor her sister, but made Black Canary fit herself as well. When she found out about the pit and how it was used to bring Thea back, Laurel did the same thing for Sara. She lost her once, she didn't want to lose her again. It was reckless, caused tenon, fights, and her locking a souless Sara in a basement. However when Oliver finally decided to help her, she got sister back.

Surviving everything she went through, she was still tough, loving, caring, kind, even when Oliver annoyed her. They remain best friends, she supported his relationship with Felicity, even calls Felicity a friend. She had a soft spot for Thea, who she viewed more like a little sister due to how close they were (Thea also reminded her a lot of Sara). When she was stabbed, Laurel took time to point out to Oliver he neeed to rely more on his team, making him promise to do just that. She also told him how she still loved him, how he was in the love of her life, and recognized she wasn't his before she died.


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